Seb Minute Cocotte - Clipso + Precision - 6L

Seb Minute Cocotte - Clipso + Precision - 6L


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Seb Minute Cocotte - Clipso Precision

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For delicious food every day!
Stop wasting time with Clipso + Precision! It can be opened with one hand. It's not only easy, it's smart! And the smart timer is at your service: it will help you prepare delicious meals. Once the right temperature is reached, the timer starts and alerts you when cooking is perfect, and when the timer rings, you can enjoy healthy and delicious dishes thanks to the steaming basket that retains all the flavors and nutritional qualities of your food. Two vegetable/meat cooking programs are available for perfectly balanced meals. Refer to the attached recipe book for proper cooking times. In addition, the free Smart & Tasty app offers a wide range of recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts.
Folding handles.
made in France


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