Prohous Lyna 4-Piece Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Stand

Prohous Lyna 4-Piece Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Stand


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Prohous Lyna 4-Piece Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Stand

Easy installation 

 It suffices to place it under the bases of the device in question. Indeed at high spin pets, the washing machine is safe and stays put. Vibration mutes are an effective volition tonon-slipmat.Properties Suitable for nearly all types of washing machines, dryers, speakers and dishwashers. You'll admit 4 pieces in the following confines6.5 cm outdoors,4.6 cm inside periphery, 2 cm high. 

As soon as the vibration mutes are installed, the climate are reduced, therefore precluding the pulls and pulls of the washing machine, teetotaler or other appliances. 

 A positive side effect when using shock absorbers is that the bottom is defended, similar as straight parquet or rustic bottoms. 

4 solid rubber shocks-White. Easy assembly. Can be placed under the 4 bases of the appliance. 

 These high- quality mutes suppress pulls and climate also in other areas ( cabinetwork, speakers, ménage appliances, beds,etc.) 

 buy theseanti-vibration mutes on our newsall website and have them delivered to your home as soon as possible 

  •  set of 4anti-vibration mutes. 
  •  Product confines4.5 cm inside x 6 cm outside x 2 cm. 
  • for washing machine, teetotaler.ext. 
  •  material rubber. 
  •  White color. 

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