Stainless Steel Garlic Press

Stainless Steel Garlic Press


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Garlic Press Stainless Steel

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Easy to use, place the garlic clove in the hopper and squeeze! Perfect gift for a budding chef. Adaptable culinary tool for cooking at home, in a cafe or in a beanery.
Conserve THE Exertion The strength of a normal feminine hand may take inferior exertion to make finely diced garlic with this easy pressed garlic press. Your cookery life is more accessible and amazing. 
EASY TO CLEAN: With our garlic press, cleaning is really easy and takes inferior time! Flush it under your cock, the garlic won't stay out, it can also be disemboweled in the dishwasher.
UNIQUE DESIGN : Conform with the engineering principle of the earthborn body fully, the shape adapts to the triumph of the hand, which provides optimal authority with fewest exertion. It will not rust, break, bend at joints, perfect for crushing garlic and beans.

Buy this garlic press on our newsall emplacement and have it delivered to you as soon as possible.
  • Product type garlic/ snap press
  • Legs on the press to grow fresh garlic
  • Easy to clean in the Gomorrah or dishwasher
  • Robust essence design
  • Also effective on unpeeled garlic
  • Amplitude L 6", W1.2", H1.5".

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